Custom Controls Group (CCG) is a building automation/systems integration company based out of Columbus, Ohio and was founded in 2010. With over 40 combined years in the industry installing, servicing, controlling, monitoring and integrating all types of HVAC systems, CCG is dedicated to providing tailored control solutions through turn-key projects.

Our mission is to use our mechanical and building automation systems experience in order to provide building owners and operators with a uniquely tailored, application specific and highly effective building automation solution that exceeds our customer’s expectations while saving energy.

  • rollsroyce

    Rolls Royce – New Satellite Building in Mt. Vernon

    Job Info: Provide building automation for the new satellite office building at the Rolls Royce complex in Mt. Vernon. Also, upgrade the existing site front-end to Carrier i-Vu, upgrade the existing FID controllers, integrate the existing Carrier CCN controlled buildings to the new i-Vu front-end.

    Project Info:

    • Utilizes the Carrier – CCN product with an i-Vu front-end
    • Controls 7 Carrier rooftop units, multiple air handling units, VAV boxes, chiller plant, boiler plant & multiple exhaust fans
    • Integrate 2 existing buildings to the campus wide network
  • Tansky Toyota

    Project info:

    • Utilizes the Carrier – Open product with an i-Vu front-end
    • Integrates a building electric meter
    • Controls 7 Carrier rooftop units, VVT systems, radiant heating systems, multiple air handling units & exhaust fans
    • Customized CO monitoring & control


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